"MY DIRTY GIRL" (Live in Busan 2019)
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The legendary band “SteelHeart” has been performing throughout the world for the last 30 years.  Recently the boys landed in Korea to perform at the “Busan Rock Festival”,  a 25 thousand strong audience losing their mind.  Next they were off to Tokyo for another amazing performance.  A tight hot and sweaty theatre.  The band filmed both shows and have created a video that is exciting, sexy with an amazing performance.  This video you just want to see over and over again.  Between the energy and power of the band, along with the power house vocals of Miljenko Matijevic hitting notes that shake up the Gods, to stunning ladies that are having a blast dancing to the track.  This video brings back the fun in Rock’N Roll like the way it was back in the day.  Steelheart has brought it back and it doesn't seam like they are going to stop.  Check out this classic video and enjoy the ride.  Share your thoughts and most of all have fun watching it.



Miljenko Matijevic - Vocals

Joe Pessia - Guitars

Mike Humbert - Drums

Marten Andersson - Bass


Written & Produced by Miljenko Matijevic

Mixed By: Dan Brodbeck

Mastered by:  Maor Appelbaum

Art Design By: Brook Maggie 

A SteelHeart Entertainment Production 

"MY DIRTY GIRL" (Live in Busan 2019)

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