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One of the most memorable, captivating and inspiring songs you will ever hear sung by the world renown singer Miljenko . The voice of Mark Wahlberg in the movie Rock Star, SteelHeart and most recent the front man for Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger "The Doors". Mili delivers a touching rendition of Hallelujah written by Leonard Cohan. Recorded for the holidays, this track captures the true emotion and the spirit of "Hallelujah". Accompanied by piano, string section and a choir. Produced By: MILI - Miljenko Matijevic Vocals By: MILI - Miljenko Matijevic Written By: Leonard Cohan Recorded @ SteelHeart Studios in Charlottesville Virginia for SteelHeart Records LLC. Engineered by: M. Matijevic • Assiting with comping vocals: Angela Salidis Mixed by: Dan Brodbeck • Mastered @ João Carvalho Mastering Orchestarted By: MILI - Miljenko Matijevic • Additional help with Orchastration: Loren Ludwig, Mary Simpson Cover and CD Photo By: Aaron Farrington Back Photo By: Maria Salidis Art Design: M. Matijevic Piano: Paul Ferlan Back Vox:Joia Wood Flute: Max Katz Strings Viola Degamba – Loren Ludwig Cello - Andrew Gabbert Violins - Mary Simpson Choir Stratton Salidis, Joia Wood Gianna Gregory, Paul Ferlan, Ali Cheff, Peter Markush

HALLELUJAH Holiday Music by Miljenko

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